How notifications work

Types of notification

Trackly creates a notification to update you in the following situations:

  • Page change - we've detected a change on a page you're tracking
  • Track error - there is a problem with tracking one of your pages
  • Track restart - a page that was in error has started working again

Notifications tab

Notifications are always shown in the notifications tab

For more on how the notifications tab works check out the help article: Using the notifications tab

Notification options

Here is a quick run through of all the options you have when setting up notifications.

Notifications options can be set for each track individually

You can set as many notification email addresses on a track as you like (or none at all).

For more on this, take a look at the help article: Changing notification options on a track

New notification email addresses can be added 

In order to add notification email addresses to your tracks you have to add them in  Account settings.

Help article for this: Adding a new email address for notifications

Mail to notification email addresses can be paused

If you'd like to temporarily stop receiving notifications on an email address - pause them in  Account settings.

Help article here: Pausing email notifications

Notifications can be edited in bulk

A really powerful feature is the ability to set notification options on a set of tracks all at the same time. 

More on this here:  Bulk setting of notification options

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