Changing notification options on a track

To change the notification options on a track, first of all either create a new track or edit an existing track.

In this example we'll be editing an existing track.

Click on MORE SETTINGS to reveal the notifications settings. 

This track currently has one email address - [email protected] associated with it

From here you can add additional email addresses - just click on the + add an email address link

and click on the drop down list

For email addresses to appear in this list they first have to set it up over in notification settings - for more on this see the help article: Adding a new email address for notifications

Select an address and it will be added to the track. 

From now on all notifications for this track will be sent to both email addresses (and also appear on the notifications tab).

What about if you want to change options on lots of tracks at the same time? That's easy too. You can bulk edit notifications - here is the help article for that: Bulk setting of notification options.

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