Using the notifications tab


The first thing to know about the notifications tab is that all notifications always go to the notifications tab. Even if you have no email notifications set for a track, notifications will still go to the notifications tab.

We've engineered the notifications tab to make it as quick and easy as possible to use.

Read/unread status

Unread notifications are blue - clicking on any of the links in a notification marks it as read. You can also mark a notification as Read by clicking on the Mark as read icon

Notifications marked as Read can be switched to Unread in the same way

Change preview

You can preview the change on Page change notifications by moving the mouse over the View summary link

Dismissing notifications

Dismissing a notification deletes the notification - not the related track!

Bulk actions

All notifications can be dismissed, marked as Read or Unread with the bulk action controls next to the search box.

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