Bulk setting of notification options

Sometimes you want to set notification options on more than one track at the same time. You might, for instance, want to add an extra email address to a set of tracks, or switch off email notifications on all your tracks.

You can achieve this with Trackly's bulk edit feature.

First of all select the tracks you'd like to edit and click the edit icon

You'll see the bulk edit dialogue, showing the number of tracks you are editing, in this example, just 4 tracks

Click the Set notifications option, and the notification options will drop down

Change the notification options, in this example we've added a new email address [email protected]

In order to be able to add the email address [email protected] we already added it to our account.

Click the Save these changes button and that's it, from now on all notifications for this set of 4 tracks will be sent to both [email protected] & [email protected].

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