Adding a new email address for notifications

Trackly gives you lots of flexibility around how you are notified about changes to pages you're tracking.

Adding a new email for notifications allows you to choose that email address to receive notifications when you create a track. You can also set this new email address to be the default for new tracks.

To add a new email address, head over to Account settings under the User icon in the top menu.

From there click on the notifications link

On the notification settings page click on the + button to add a new email address

Enter the new email address and click the Add button

You'll be returned to the notification settings page with the email address displaying as Unconfirmed

Before we can send email to this new address it has to be confirmed. To do this click on the Confirm email button in the email you'll have just received

With this done, your new email address will display as Confirmed

You can now add your new email address to tracks and if you wish, make it the default notification option for new tracks.

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