My track has errored - what can I do?

Why do tracks error?

There are lots of reasons a track can error, for example:

  • The page has been deleted 
  • The website is temporarily inaccessible or having other problems
  • If you're tracking just part of a page - that section of the page might have been removed or renamed
  • Trackly might be forbidden from accessing the page

Trackly tries a number of times to access a page before it declares it to have errored. 

What can I do with an errored track?

First of all, click on the link to the page being tracked and make sure that it works for you.

If the link works for you and you can see the page in your browser - try resuming the track by clicking on the Resume button

For more detailed help with particular errors take a look at these help articles:

Does Trackly retry errored tracks?

Yes! We retry all errored tracks once a week - just to make sure they haven't come back to life.

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