What types of changes can I track?

We track new and changed text.

Can I track changes to images?

Sorry, no, we're concentrating on text at the moment.

How am I alerted to changes?

We highlight new and changed text in green, like this:


By default change notifications go to the notifications tab and are also sent by email to the account email address (the email address used to sign in to Trackly). Notifications are very flexible though - take a look at this help article for more: How notifications work.

Will you alert me when text is deleted?

No, currently we only alert you when new text is added.

How frequently can I check pages?

You can choose to check pages weekly, daily or hourly.

How many versions do you store?

By default we store the last 10 versions of any page. On paid plans we can store more on request, just get in touch.

Do you track the whole website?

No, we just track the individual pages you ask us to.

How much does it cost?

Take a look at out pricing page. We also offer an enterprise plan.

I have lots of tracks - can I bulk upload them?

Yes! We can do that for you. Lots more information on importing  here.

When are tracks checked?

You can set the time your tracks are checked when you create them, and in the case of weekly tracks you can also set the day. Times are local to your time zone (which you can set in account settings).

I'm tracking my competitors - how secure is this information?

We are aware that what you track is possibly sensitive and so we will never publish this information, not even in an anonymised or aggregated format.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your information while it is in transit between your computer and Trackly.

More information in our privacy policy.

Can I track pages where I have to be logged in?

No, sorry, that would require us to store your user details - including your password. We're looking into ways of doing this securely.

What about sites that use Flash? Can I track them?

We don't support Flash. If you track pages that use Flash you'll see a Flash player required to view this content message.

Where is the server that checks pages?

Our servers are in London - and so all pages are displayed as if you were using a web browser in London.

Can I change where pages are checked from?

Sorry, not currently.

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