Bulk actions on tracks

What are bulk actions?

Sometimes you want to do the same thing to a bunch of tracks at the same time, we call this a bulk action. 

Example of a bulk action

If, for instance, you wanted to pause 3 tracks, here's how you would do it. 

First of all, select the first track by hovering the cursor over the icon of the chosen track and clicking.

You'll then see checkboxes appear for all the other tracks. Select those you would like to pause.

Clicking the pause button will then pause the selected tracks.

Selecting all tracks

To select all visible tracks, check the select all checkbox.

Note that this only selects all of the visible tracks, to see this just scroll down and as tracks become visible you can see they are unselected.

To select all of the tracks, even the ones you can't see, click on the Select all matching this filter link.

What does "matching this filter mean"? It means that if you've applied a filter to your tracks, for instance you're just showing tracks that are running, like this:

Then clicking on the  Select all matching this filter link will only select all of the running tracks.

Deleting multiple tracks

Bulk actions make it easy to delete lots of tracks at the same time.

First of all, select the tracks you'd like to delete

And click the delete button.

You'll be asked to confirm by typing delete tracks.

Bulk edit

As well as pausing, checking and deleting tracks you can also edit multiple tracks at the same time. 

Select the tracks you'd like to edit and click the edit button.

You'll be able to set the frequency/check time and whether to ignore small changes on selected tracks.

To leave a field in all the tracks unchanged, just make sure that the Leave unchanged checkbox is checked for that particular field.

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