How do I change my plan?

Changing your plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. 

Head over to Account Settings.

From there click on the Plans & Billing option, you'll then see details of the plan you're subscribed to and your payment method.

Click on the Change Plan link

From there you can choose a new plan.

Click on the Switch to this plan button and your plan will be changed immediately.

If you're downgrading your plan to one with a lower track quota, you might need to first delete some tracks to bring you below the new quota. 

If you're upgrading, you'll be able to use your new quota immediately.

When you upgrade or downgrade your plan you'll automatically receive a refund for the part of the payment term you have not used on the old plan, and a pro-rated charge on the new plan.

More on how billing works when you upgrade or downgrade your plan in this help article : How does payment work when upgrading and downgrading?

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